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Every child is respected as they reach their milestones on their own timetables. Our goal as teachers is to love on the children and help guide them in all their different developmental domains (Cognitive, Emotional, Language, Physical and Social). It is also our teacher’ responsibility to provide opportunities that will help each individual child reach their highest possible level of development.


As a professional child care provider, my goal is to create a safe, happy, home away from home environment where children can thrive and learn. By offering a loving, relaxed, fun and encouraging environment.


I believe that children can learn to explore, problem solve, work on self- help skills and real-life skills through age-appropriate activities/curriculum and play. A majority of life lessons can be learned through play and thus play is highly encouraged here and abundant opportunities are provided to do so throughout the day.  To help children grow and thrive, communication amongst caregivers is key and that is why I believe I am a partner with families. Good communication is imperative to help children achieve the best possible care.
“I love my job for all the little reasons”

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